Bio of Perry Cassagnol

Perry’s love for the arts is not accidental!

Perry’s love’s  for the arts is not accidental. His Dad played the piano at church. During his teen years in Brooklyn, Perry took guitar lessons at the famous Brooklyn Academy of Music and later switched to bass taking lessons with a female bassist instructor at the famous MUSE on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. He went on to study with several bassists in Manhattan. But, it was not until his high school years, that he really began dabbling in film studying animation and filmmaking. In the late seventies and mid-eighties, he and a few friends were deejays which turned into a basement band. But it was in the early 80s in Florida when he officially joined a band. However, in the early 90s, he moved back to New York and with the help of five friends got together and formed a band named ETNIK. With Perry on bass, the band was ready. ETNIK recorded two albums, played locally in New York and the tri-state (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) area.

In 1992, his love for the film industry reached new heights as the band was preparing to shoot their first music video. The band searched for a director from the NYU film School and shot their first music video. Sadly enough, the band disbanded in 1995. That same year, Perry moved back to South Florida and started another band. In 1998, he hired video director to shoot the band’s first music video. Frustrated and unhappy with the final edit of the music video, the music video was never released and focused his energy instead on music production. However in 2005, he enrolled in the Miami Dade College Film School. A year later (viz. In 2006) while still in film school, Perry formed a south Florida based film production company named Niterboys Entertainment.

While in the film program, Perry set higher goals for himself by always doing more and going the extra mile to hone his filmmaking skills. While in film school, he purchased a few several film cameras (a Krasnogorsk 16mm camera, a Bolex EBM Super 16mm camera and a Panasonic HV200) and began writing, directing and editing several short films and music videos. In film school, his film instructors named him “the busiest film student in the film program”. During the second year in the film program, he directed a music video for a Christian artist “Doug Gordon” which was well received and still used today by the Miami Rescue Mission as their official fundraising tool to raise money for the homeless. To-date, Perry has directed and edited over eight music videos, six short films, six feature films, two reality shows and four commercials. In 2010, Niterboys Entertainment was re-branded and re-named to Maximal EntertainmentMaximal Entertainment .



In 2007, Perry made his directorial debut with the release of   “THE FORGOTTEN FATHER (2007) . This film was featured in the one of the world’s largest film festival based in New York City at the legendary Village East Cinema in Manhattan, New York and won the 2009 Best Drama Feature Film Award.  THE FORGOTTEN FATHER was also screened in the Caribbean. Perry also wrote and directed his second narrative feature film entitled “MIAMI 13 (2013) -“.  However due to technical difficulties, the release of MIAMI 13 was delayed. MIAMI 13 is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2020. Perry also co-directed several  other films: DISTURBED (2009), SPYDERWOMAN HYBRID (2014) and, URBAN HEARTBREAK (2015) . Perry also directed the Haitian psychological thriller “DOUB 6 (2017) “. DOUB 6 is scheduled to be released in late 2020. Perry is currently developing his next feature “JOKERJOKERJOKER (2021)” and the TV series “Room 6042”.

Perry will be launching three Distribution Streaming Platforms during the course of 2020. The first of the platforms will be launched in the Summer of 2020 with the second and third launching in late 2020. Two of his recent feature films (viz. MIAMI 13 (2013) and, DOUB 6 (2017) will be premiered on his three distribution streaming platforms. The TV series “Room 6042 (2020)” is being produced to be distributed exclusively on all three distribution streaming platforms..